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Team Dumble presents a 2D platformer that requires reflexes and strategy. Use the demon satyr Medir to defeat the dungeons of almighty Kronus, ruler of the underworlds. In this challenging platformer, you need to prove you skills by dashing through opponents, jumping over spikes and dodging attacks of enemies.


  •  A, D        - Move
  • W, Space    - Jump / Double-Jump
  • F, J, Shift - Dash-Attack
  • E           - Carry / Throw 


  •  single-player platformer with sweet animations, double jumps and dash moves everywhere
  • you play as a cruel satyr demon on your quest to bring satisfaction for Cronus
  • vanquish the last disgraceful archangels that exist and extract their holy souls using an altar
  • each archangel is different in skillset (charge/ run/ explode)
  • finish your journey by completing all levels with or without the wrath of Cronus

by Team Dumble


tributes_of_cronus_lnx.zip 29 MB
tributes_of_cronus_mac.zip 41 MB
tributes_of_cronus_win.zip 28 MB

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